In the Studio

Spool Rack

This is a sequence of photos showing the various steps in weaving a tapestry as well as photos in the studio. The thinner yarns are on the spool rack for easy blending either together or with the thicker yarns in the shelves along the wall. All are fine quality wools.
For this particular tapestry, I painted a landscape and then made
a copy of a small section and then did a yarn study in preparation
for a tapestry. A full size drawing called a cartoon is done as a
guide for the actual weaving.

painting and yarn
The tapestry is on the loom and
being woven with the cartoon behind
the weaving as a guide.

The tapestry is done. I wove another
tapestry at the same time since my
loom is wide enough.

Both tapestries are done and are being cut off.

The back of the tapestry with the ends finished off.

The finished tapestry. Autumn Path.
Twelve inches wide by thirty
six inches high.



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