• During the year, Joan teaches beginning and intermediate tapestry classes in her Charlottesville,VA studio. She offers both individual instruction as well as small group weekend workshops. All supplies are provided including the use of a loom for the Beginning Tapestry Workshop. For the intermediate class student should have a loom or can rent one from me.

Joan at loom

2016 Class Schedule

Tapestry Weaving: Beginning Tapestry Workshop  May 14/15 or July 9/10 or August 20/21…The 2 day class concentrates on the basic techniques of tapestry weaving on a lap held loom. The classes are held in a friendly, learning atmosphere in the artist’s studio in order to see a working studio as well as the opportunity to try various types and sizes of tapestry looms. The 2 day class covers the basics of tapestry weaving such as warping the loom, finishing and various design shaping techniques. Tapestry weaving is a uniIMG_3942que , timeless technique but can be adapted in a multitude of colorful ways to the challenges of contemporary designs. Each student will take home a small tapestry sampler they completed during the weekend. Classes are offered several weekends in the spring, early summer and the fall. Classes are 10-4 on Sat. and 10 – 4 on Sunday. $190 for both days and all supplies included. No previous tapestry experience is necessary. For those from out of town there are many nearby motels available. The photo on the right is from the second day of a beginning student’s work. Please register in advance. contact me via email below.


The Next Step:Intermediate Tapestry Class.  June11/12  or August 20/21.10- 4 each day. After basic tapestry weaving class  what next?

  • Learn how to translate your ideas into woven tapestries.How do I figure out what it will look like before I weave it?
  • Can I weave my design?
  • What colors to choose?
  • What sett do I use? What warp size?
  • How do I finish my tapestry?
  • How do I figure out what technique to use for a shape?
  • I need some feedback on my tapestry weaving?

Workshop designed for those who have taken a basic tapestry class but want to advance their knowledge from any level .  Student should have a tapestry loom or can rent one from me. $175. please register in advance . . contact me via email below.


Ongoing: Pick the date that works for you!

Open Studio: After the basic tapestry class what next? Sign up in advance for a time that meets your schedule. We can focus on designing, review and or new techniques, how to work with  color and solving particular weaving challenges. Designed for those who have had a basic tapestry class and would like assistance continuing  on a design  or starting something new. Bring your design ideas and loom to work on your tapestry. Focus on your particular design concerns; get advice and technical solutions. Plan colors, warp your loom, review ideas and learn new techniques. $30 per hour. Minimum 2 hour sessions. Please register in advance but this option is ongoing. Pick a date and check with me.

For more information contact Joan Griffin. or joangriffintapestry at  .. (substitute @ for at)

2016 Class Schedule: Because of small class size please register in advance via email address above.

Beginning Tapestry Workshops:

  • May 14/15…..Beginning Tapestry Class..see description above
  • July 9/10….Beginning Tapestry Class…see description above

Intermediate Tapestry Workshops:

  • June 11/12 …Intermediate  Tapestry Workshop…see description above
  • August 20/21..Intermediate Tapestry Workshop..see description above




What students have said about the tapestry workshops:

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my class. It was very kind of you to explain everything so patiently”..Deborah B.

“Thank you for your class. We all enjoyed it and learned a lot. You are a very sharing person”….Carol B.

“Thanks for a wonderful class. I feel like I learned so much. Thanks again for your patience and insight.”..Liz A.

“Had  a wonderful time and learned so much”…Molly R.

“Thank you for a great weaving workshop. I most enjoyed learning how you transform a vision of what to weave from an idea.”..Eva C.

“Thank you so much for providing  a wonderful class”..Kay S.









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